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Novant Health

UI/UX Designer | Experience Design Group

As part of the Experience Design Group, worked with Product Owners and Teams across the organization to improve the UI and UX of digital products in an Agile environment.

Chatbot UI and UX 

Background and challenges

Novant Heath utilized two out-of-the-box chatbot products to quickly stand up solutions to two distinct challenges.

After initial launch, the Product Owner engaged my team to help with some UX improvements and to update the UI of the interfaces to make a more cohesive, branded set of experiences.


Once initial requirements and limitations were outlined, design happened.

Major areas of friction revolved around the app timing out too fast, no ability to back up a step (or two), and broken voice-to-text inputs.

I used Figma to wireframe and mockup proposed solutions.

UX improvements addressed several pain points that were identified early on.

Developed new components based on our Design System.

Guerrilla User Testing! Yay! (Read: no budget or time for formal testing so I took a prototype into the wild and bribed people with everlasting gratitude and fancy coffee for feedback)


Redesigned CTAs to be more distinct from each other based on primary and secondary actions. Added review rates so patients could more easily choose a provider directly from these results.

Redesigned bottom bar to include an easy way to start over, and de-emphasized the voice-to-text input. Most users preferred to type, click and tap their choices rather than use voice to interact with the tool.

Interface visually updated to reflect new brand standards and utilized the new Novant Health Design System.

Selected corporate sections and landing pages

Landing page announcing the acquisition of New Hanover Medical Center by Novant Health.

Re-haul of the Weight Loss service line landing page. Several improvements made in layout, readability, and some UX fixes. An example of a KTLO type of task.

Revamp of the Nursing web presence. In my role as the UX/UI resource on this project, I had to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders and strongly advocate for the user’s perspective and communicate those needs to others within the organization.