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You know you need to do something with your creative, but you just aren’t quite sure what that is. You need a plan and I can help you with that.

Graphic Design

Brand identity solutions, print and digital marketing collateral, package design, social media graphics, and more . I can definitely help you with that.

Web Design

Are you embarrassed to show people your website? Or perhaps you don’t yet have one. Let’s fix that, and make your web presence shine.

What my clients are saying
Blending seminar materials were some of your best – clean, visually arresting yet literate, and tight. Great job!
Jim Walsh

CEO, Kimo Sabe Mezcal

Concept 2 is brilliant. I sat on my initial impulse to just scream, “That’s IT!” for two days but it is everything visually that you describe verbally and everything I want people to feel my site will give them. It is simply beautiful. It will be even more so with color. I just now sat and looked again with fresh eyes after just thinking about all the concepts this weekend and #2 says it all for me. Thank you.
Dee LaDuke

Writer, Dreamhousekeeping

Kate was able to take my vague notions and turn them into a more beautiful, imaginative design for my identity kit than I thought was possible. She completely and accurately defined me with her work – from color selection, to layout, to logo. She also followed through with the printer to ensure everything was perfectly produced.
Norma Vela

Owner, Today's Horse Trader Magazine

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I’m located in Monroe, just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. I work with clients across the United States.